“A darker world, not a brighter one.” (Audio)

That’s the quote from me that most of the tweeters seem to remember from this week’s South by Southwest panel put together by bestselling author and muckraker James Moore.  Jim was nice enough to invite me to speak with him and Ben Werdmuller von Elgg about the future of journalism in a post-Wikileaks world.

You can hear the audio of our discussion here, but the sound is a bit distorted.  The “South By” folks are real techies, but they should have had my good friend Jaxon running the audio equipment.

Jim takes the position that the people revealing our state secrets are heroes.  I think they’ve acted outside the law and should be prosecuted.

The exchange was heated at times, but one tweeter noted something really important:

Moore and Braddock know how to have a friendly disagreement in a political discourse. Why is that so hard to do in general?

I think it’s so hard because there is always an effort to dehumanize our political opponents.  Those of us interested in a civil discourse will have to keep on saving the world one discussion at a time.

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