A Reality Check for the Fact Checkers AUDIO

I had a heated exchange with Gardner Selby at Politifact Texas today about his “fact check” of a fight over Plano Superintendent Doug Otto’s claim that Governor Perry believes there’s 1-to-1 ratio of teachers to administrators in Texas.


Gardner Selby on KRLD by Scott Braddock

Here’s the entire interview with the Gov. Perry.

Gardner contends the Plano superintendent made a false statement when he claimed Gov. Perry had previously said there was a 1-to-1 ratio of teachers to students.  Gardner says he can’t find any previous example of the governor saying there are equal numbers of administrators and teachers in Texas.

Superintendent Doug Otto has said he doesn’t remember exactly where he heard it.

All this is important because there’s been an intense debate over how much to cut state funds to school districts.

It seems to me that when you’re trying to figure out what an elected official means, you would take their word over the word of the spin-masters who work for that official.

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