Michael Berry’s Accuser: HPD Hasn’t Contacted Me, Will Sue if No Charges Are Filed AUDIO

Despite reports that HPD is circling back in their investigation of what happened the night Michael Berry is accused in a hit-and-run outside a gay bar, the accuser says the cops haven’t reached out to him. 

I spoke with the man who says Berry slammed his SUV into his car then took off, Tuderia Bennett, on News 92 FM

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Bennett has said he thinks Berry is getting away with something because he has friends in high places.  So, I asked him if there’s not possibly a double standard in the other direction. After all, in a case where no charges were filed that didn’t involve a high-profile citizen, there wouldn’t be nearly this much scrutiny.

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Berry has said he can’t comment on this because his Clear Channel bosses have asked him not to. His attorney has also declined interview requests.




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