Frequent Target of Michael Berry Declines to Comment on His Troubles AUDIO

Michael Berry

KTRH radio talk show host Michael Berry is accused of doing damage to a bouncer’s car at a gay bar in the Montrose and HPD tells us they’re investigating it as a possible situation where the driver at fault may have left the scene without exchanging information.  Failure to do so would  be a misdemeanor under Texas law.  Video obtained by KPRC Channel 2 shows Berry at the bar at the time of the incident.   Berry hasn’t commented on it directly, but has said he’s “made a lot of enemies.”

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Houston, is a regular target of Berry’s criticism, so I asked her today what she makes of the situation:

Click here to listen to Sheila Jackson Lee

 While we wait for Berry to give his version of events, if he ever shares it, crisis communications expert Joe Householder at Purple Strategies says there are things Berry will have to reconcile for his audience.  Householder has provided crisis communications counsel for a number of high profile individuals and companies including Roger Clemens and former City Councilwoman Carol Alvarado. 

Click here to listen to Joe Householder

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