Tuesday Morning Reading: Voters Guide, Ron Paul Out

The cream is in the coffee and the news is flowing this morning.

Early voting is well underway and Ron Paul fans in Texas are out of luck. Just as voters in his home state go to the polls here in his home state, he’s announced he’ll stop campaigning for president.

If you’re still unsure of how you’ll cast your ballot, here’s the Austin American Statesman’s Voter’s Guide.  Happy reading!  Also, here once again are my interviews with the Republican candidates in the race to replace Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison: Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, Ted Cruz, Tom Leppert, and Craig James.

The Houston Chronicle’s site leads off with a chilling report on the possibility that Texas executed a man at the same time the “real killer” was bragging about the crime.

The Quorum Report has details on a move that could shake up how health care is delivered:  “In a state where not enough physicians are on hand to meet demand, a coalition of nurses say giving them greater authority to write scripts will lead to greater efficiency.”

On the national scene, it’s come to light that the man once described as President Obama’s “favorite banker” is at the center of the huge loss for JPMorgan. Politico is calling it a “saga.”

The New York times leads with the prosecution of a former top aide to Rupert Murdoch in that phone hacking case.

The Washington Post has a great story, especially relevant here in Texas, about the “handsome, popular” and “mysterious” frontrunner in Mexico’s presidential election.  From the article:

“Disparaged by his opponents as a pretty puppet and telegenic con man, the 45-year-old Peña Nieto is a masterful retail politician who, through message discipline and sophisticated marketing, has made himself the new face of the Institutional Revolutionary Party. Known as the PRI, the autocratic political machine fell from power in 2000 after running Mexico with a blend of corruption and coercion for 71 years.”

Oh, and a belated congrats to Evan Smith and the team over at the Texas Tribune for adding the QRANK guy, Rodney Gibbs, to their ranks. It’ll be cool to see what he comes up with, having already created the Texas-centric version of QRANK that so many Lone Star political junkies love.

Anything else I should include? Let me know.

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