Monday Morning Reading: The Texas Solution

Nelson Spear, Brad Bailey, Norman Adams, Steven Hotze, and Allen Blakemore worked hard to pass the new immigration language in the Texas GOP platform (picture courtesy

When I got word that the official position of the Texas Republican Party had shifted on immigration, I nearly fell off my chair.  I’ve covered this issue for nearly a decade and, until now, I’d seen no reason to think the hardliners in the GOP would ever give an inch on what’s become one of the most emotional flashpoints in Republican politics. Despite a flurry of misinformation about the new platform language prior to its passage, Norman Adams and his crew really worked hard late into the night on Friday to make this happen. It calls for strong border security, naturally, but also says the Republican Party of Texas supports an effective guest worker program.

More details here at Texas GOP Vote.

Other notes:

Rick Dunham in the Chronicle has a wrap up of both state conventions: The GOP booed (at almost everyone) and the Democrats are trying to look beyond their struggles, he writes.

Texas is getting ready for the legal arguments over the new Voter ID law, reports the San Antonio Express News.

The Texas Tribune’s Kate Galbraith has a look at just how creative Texas is getting when it comes to getting the most out of every drop of water.

The New York Times leads with a piece on how China is competing in the world economy.

The Washington Post takes a look at how the crisis in Greece pushed Spain to seek a bailout.

Oh, and in case you missed it: My take on how to handle a southern pot luck.

What else should I be covering? Let me know here.

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