Harvey Kronberg: I’m Not Slowing Down


Quorum Report Owner and Publisher Harvey Kronberg on the floor of the Texas House

On Thursday, the owner and publisher of The Quorum Report, Harvey Kronberg, announced that I have been promoted to editor of the publication. I could not be more honored and humbled to know that he has the confidence to put me in a position of such responsibility.

Something does need to be clarified, though: Harvey isn’t going anywhere. If anything, the Quorum Report audience will see more of his writing on the site than they’ve seen in a long time. Here’s what he had to say on his Facebook page:

“I was pleased yesterday to announce the promotion of Scott Braddock to the role of editor of QR. Some have misconstrued the announcement as me backing off or slowing down or even retiring. Au contraire. This move simply represents a more rational allocation of time and delegation of administrative responsibilities. My written contributions to QR have dwindled in the last few years as administrative and management issues have consumed too much time and attention. I got involved with QR 26 years ago to report the story underneath the story and that is how I intend to spend the upcoming session.”

And the next five months promise to be a legislative session in which Harvey’s steady analysis of the legislative process will be more needed than ever.

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