Cruz Hoping He Doesn’t Get Chopped

8.6.15 ted machine gun

Makin’ bacon with Ted Cruz

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, needs to find some way to differentiate himself from Donald Trump.

He’s got to look tough without angering Trump fans, as I recently observed:

Sen. Cruz is now faced with the same conundrum he’s created for other candidates in his own party: Figure out a way to differentiate himself from Trump without alienating the New Yorker’s hardline supporters.

I suppose this is one way to accomplish that:

Take that, you East Coast elitists.

In Texas, actually, we cook everything different from y’all.

My family wakes up to Machine Gun Bacon and Eggs almost daily. Both the eggs and bacon are prepared using the machine gun, but giving away my cooking secrets is not going to happen. I’ll be out back doing target practice later in preparation for the Machine Gun Bacon Cheeseburger I’m having for lunch.

Cruz’s first real test in differentiating himself from Trump comes this evening during the first GOP presidential debate on Fox News Channel. Cruz is not known for brevity. Trump speaks in soundbites. Cruz speaks in richly textured paragraphs in a way that can be truly captivating to an audience. But, that’s not the style that breaks through in a conversation including nine other candidates on the same stage.

Cruz’s rhetoric needs to be targeted to stand out from the pack tonight. Now that Trump has caused the race to resemble reality TV and Texas’ junior senator is showing off his culinary skills, Cruz will have to hope he doesn’t get Chopped.

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