AUDIO: Former undocumented Collin Street Bakery worker calls McNutt a hypocrite

1.12.16 mcnutt

Thomas McNutt, Vice President of Collin Street Bakery and upstart GOP challenger to Rep. Byron Cook, R-Corsicana

The hardline immigration rhetoric of Thomas McNutt, GOP challenger to Rep. Byron Cook, is coming under intense scrutiny now that the Dallas Morning News has revealed that McNutt’s company has a history of hiring undocumented immigrants. McNutt told the newspaper he will look into how undocumented workers could have been employed by his family’s Collin Street Bakery.

In the campaign video seen below, McNutt sought to make immigration a central issue in his bid to unseat Cook, Chairman of the Texas House State Affairs Committee.

McNutt, a Vice President at the bakery, has said he is running to replace Cook because “the politicians in Austin refuse to address the problem of illegal immigration. We have to outlaw sanctuary cities and end taxpayer handouts to illegal immigrants.”

McNutt has been publicly strident about the issue for some time now.

Last summer, when four days of migrant raids rattled Corsicana, McNutt praised the Obama Administration’s actions in the community.

“I am proud to stand with Navarro County Sheriff Elmer Tanner in his courageous fight to uphold the rule of law,” McNutt said at the time. “His cooperation with ICE to arrest convicted criminals was exactly the right thing to do.”

In response, one of the undocumented immigrants who has worked for McNutt’s company told the Corsicana City Council that the Republican candidate is extremely hypocritical.

“I’m talking about Thomas McNutt, vice president of Collin Street Bakery, who calls us ‘criminal illegal aliens’ – a company that hires undocumented immigrants,” said Jose Manuel Santoyo. “I know because I was one of those immigrants that worked in his company,” Santoyo said.

You can listen to Santoyo’s comments by clicking here.

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