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Texas Gun Shops Credit Obama for Surge in Sales AUDIO

Texas gun store owners say they’ve seen a huge spike in sales recently and they say it’s at least partially because some are fearful President Obama will crack down on gun rights if he’s elected to a 2nd term.  Tweet Share

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A Call for Gov. Perry to Revoke Limbaugh’s “Honorary Texan” Status AUDIO

While more advertisers abandon the Rush Limbaugh Show, there’s a push now in Texas to revoke his “Honorary Texan” status.  Gov. Perry honored Limbaugh during an event in Houston a couple years ago.  Now that Limbaugh is caught up in a controversy over birth control and some ugly language he used against a college student, some are saying “Texans, […]

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Heated Debate: Is Rush Limbaugh’s Apology Good Enough? AUDIO

Rush Limbaugh, the nation’s leading conservative radio talk show host, continues to lose advertisers even after an apology to a college student he called a “slut” and  “prostitute” last week.  Here’s the video of what he originally said about Sandra Fluke.  Tweet Share

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Sunday Morning Conversations: Rob Johnson

The coming week will be a huge one in the GOP nominating contest.  The Super Tuesday showdown will be espcially critical for Newt Gingrich, who’s been written off by many pundits and has said himself that the primary in his home state of Georgia is crucial.  Tweet Share

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Heated Debate: Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients? AUDIO

Harris County GOP Chairman Jared Woodfill and Liberal Commentator Geoff Berg clash over what many states are considering: Forcing welfare recipients to take drug tests before benefits are awarded. Tweet Share

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Friend of Breitbart: “He Was a Tornado” AUDIO

Conservative firebrand, blogger, activist, and “happy warrior” Andrew Breitbart passed away suddenly at the age of 43 today.  His website says he died of “natural causes.” Tweet Share

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More Texans Give to Colbert’s Super PAC than Romney’s AUDIO

More Texans are giving money to the Super PAC founded by Stephen Colbert than the main Mitt Romney Super PAC.  Tweet Share

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Sunday Morning Conversations: Eleanor Clift

As the fight continues over the Obama Administration’s birth control coverage mandate, I was pleased to spend a few minutes talking about it with Newsweek Columnist and legendary pundit Eleanor Clift. Tweet Share

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Dallas Judge Stages Gay Marriage Protest By Refusing to Perform Straight Marriages AUDIO

A judge in Dallas sparks an intense debate over gay marriage by refusing to perform marriages for straight couples.  Texas law prohibits gay marriage and Judge Tonya Parker says that until that changes, she’ll be performing no marriages.    Tweet Share

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Is it Halftime for Romney in His Home State? AUDIO

Longtime political strategist in Texas, Jason Stanford, thinks there’s still time for Mitt Romney to turn things around in Michigan, but he’s got some serious challenges posed by the recent “Santorum Surge.”  Tweet Share

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