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Braddock TV: The Difference Between a Problem and a Crisis

I got a lot of reaction to this week’s segment on CBS 11 News.  Some of it was positive.  Some was negative.  I was talking about the fact that the Tea Party is driving the agenda in Washington right now when it comes to the debt ceiling debate and whether the United States will go […]

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Debt Debate Draws Comparisons to Terrorism AUDIO

I have to tell you the crisis over the nation’s debt limit has frustrations boiling over in ways I haven’t seen since the last time we had some crisis that seemed to average folks like a manufactured controversy. Tweet Share

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First Baptist Dallas Pastor: Christians Shouldn’t Try to Make Every Issue a Moral Absolute

Now that prayer events are being held to address the debt crisis (that’s in addition to Gov. Perry’s much-touted and controversial prayer event in Houston next month), I thought it would be interesting to talk with a prominent religious leader in North Texas about people turning to their faith in crisis situations. Tweet Share

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Governor Perry: Give Officers Ability to Ask Immigration Status AUDIO & VIDEO

In a brief interview today, Governor Perry told Mitch Carr and me on KRLD that what he wants is something between “sanctuary cities” and what Arizona is trying to do, which is  force officers to ask about immigration status. Tweet Share

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Fierce Immigration Debate Among Conservatives AUDIO

As President Obama traveled to Texas today to renew his push for immigration reform, some conservatives here disagreed strongly (with each other) on the issue. Tweet Share

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Obama’s New Push on Immigration AUDIO

Aside from ordering the assassination of the world’s most wanted terrorist, President Obama is pushing other big fish toward frying pans.  Bill Maher called him a “multitasking ninja,” but I’d prefer to think of the president in a kitchen where he’s the head chef ordering subordinate chefs around.  Tweet Share

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Tax Day Debate AUDIO

Ok, technically this year you can wait until Monday, the 18th to file your taxes.  But, I figured since April 15th is traditional Tax Day, we should debate President Obama’s proposal for taxing the wealthy at a higher rate. Tweet Share

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Braddock TV: Government Shutdown Would be Seen as “Childish” VIDEO

The fine folks at CBS 11 in Dallas/Fort Worth were nice enough to have me on this week to talk about the potential government shutdown that could happen as soon as this weekend. Tweet Share

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Texas School Funding Fight has Dems Blaming Tax Structure, Business Leaders Saying “It’s the economy (stupid)” AUDIO

It seems to me the two sides in the fight over how to pay for public schools in Texas aren’t even in the same building, let alone the same room. Tweet Share

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“How Dumb Are We?” Might Not be the Right Question

I saw this headline on the Newsweek website:   “How Dumb Are We?” That’s the kind of headline that gets your attention but it’s probably too weak.  Tweet Share

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