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The Value of Blue Collar Work

The economy has been top of mind for me following my recent experience with unemployment.  After all the drama and support I received from all sides, there came the simple issue of what I will do to feed my family and keep a roof over our heads. I don’t have a college education but I […]

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Friday Morning Reading: Elected After That Illegal Immigrant College Deal

I’m hearing more and more radio ads for GOP incumbents in the Texas legislature proclaiming they were elected after tuition breaks for illegal immigrants were approved more than a decade ago.  Their “true conservative” primary challengers have accused them of “coddling illegals.” Tweet Share

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Will Governor Perry Really be in Charge in 2013?

With more than half a year to go before the next time the Texas Legislature meets to make big decisions, battle lines are already being drawn. Gov. Rick Perry isn’t waiting. Fresh off a presidential bid many see as the lowest point of his political career, the Republican who had previously never lost an election […]

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Gambling: It’s for the Kids

I had never bought a lottery ticket before last Friday.  I grew up Baptist, you see, and you just don’t gamble. Or at the very least you don’t buy your scratch-offs in a part of town where anyone from your congregation might find out you had sinned.  But, I’ve never felt quite so down on […]

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Educators and Parents Rejoice Over STAAR Delay AUDIO

I have heard from parents all over Texas who say they’re thrilled, tickled pink (however you want to say excited) that the STAAR exam won’t count for 15% of their child’s grade this year.  Tweet Share

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HISD May Extend Contract for Superintendent Grier Tonight

Houston Chronicle Education Reporter Ericka Mellon joined me to talk about the arguments for an against the way Terry Grier has shaken things up in the HISD: Tweet Share

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Is Testing in Texas Schools a “Perversion?” AUDIO

An intense debate has broken out about Texas Education Commissioner Robert Scott’s contention that the tests taken by public school students are a “perversion” of the legislature’s original intent.  Tweet Share

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Do Lawmakers Need to Get Back to Austin to Fix Texas School Funding? AUDIO

The outgoing chairman of the Texas Senate Finance Committee, Steve Ogden, R-Bryan/College Station, says Republicans and Democrats alike need to come together in Austin to fix fundamental problems with the way schools are paid for in Texas.  Tweet Share

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Texas School Funding Could “Really Hurt Perry A Lot” AUDIO

The lawsuit filed against the state over its business tax, known as the “margins tax,” could prove to be quite the thorny issue for Governor Perry if he decides to run for president.  Tweet Share

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Former Bush Education Official: Texas Schools Should Brace Themselves if Perry Runs AUDIO

A former high-ranking education official in the Bush Administration says that if Gov. Perry decides to run for the White House, Texas school districts can expect an onslaught of scrutiny from the national media.  Tweet Share

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