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Hypnotic? Maybe

This video of an anemone’s spawning caught my eye today in the twittersphere.  Tweet Share

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Border Fence Puts Texas Wildlife at Risk

It seems to be the environment and beautiful wildlife versus the way the government is handling border security in parts of South Texas.  Tweet Share

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Drought Puts Water Needs into Sharp Focus (Audio)

As I’ve reported on the Texas State Networks, some experts say this is now the worst drought in Texas in 500 if not 1,000 years.  Farmers are coming to grips with the reality of how that’s affecting their crops all over the state.  Tweet Share

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South Texas Oilfield Could “Dwarf” All Others in The State AUDIO

New numbers released by an investment bank find the Eagle Ford Shale, already thought to be be a huge oil find, could “dwarf” all other oil fields in Texas.  Tweet Share

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British Petroleum’s Hands

When I was a young boy growing up in Wharton County, my family would annually drive to Matagorda Bay and buy shrimp off the boats.  We’d take them back to our family farm, clean them, eat some that night and freeze the rest.  After cleaning pounds and pounds of shrimp, your hands would smell for […]

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