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Texas has Not Disclosed Data Used to Achieve Massive Funding Cuts for Medicaid Reimbursement Rates

Note: This story written by Emily DePrang originally appeared in The Quorum Report. Join us there daily for coverage of Texas politics and government – SB  With the deadline looming to finalize new Medicaid therapy rates, stakeholders fear they’ll never get answers to serious questions about how the Health and Human Services Commission arrived at […]

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Conversations Don’t Kill, But Obesity Does

I’ve interviewed many doctors who all say one of the most difficult conversations they can have is telling a parent their child is obese. But, they say investing in the sensitivity and care that goes into that conversation is worth it because it’s the first step in turning around a young person’s life. Share

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Will Governor Perry Really be in Charge in 2013?

With more than half a year to go before the next time the Texas Legislature meets to make big decisions, battle lines are already being drawn. Gov. Rick Perry isn’t waiting. Fresh off a presidential bid many see as the lowest point of his political career, the Republican who had previously never lost an election […]

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Heated Debate: Is Rush Limbaugh’s Apology Good Enough? AUDIO

Rush Limbaugh, the nation’s leading conservative radio talk show host, continues to lose advertisers even after an apology to a college student he called a “slut” and  ”prostitute” last week.  Here’s the video of what he originally said about Sandra Fluke.  Share

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Sunday Morning Conversations: Eleanor Clift

As the fight continues over the Obama Administration’s birth control coverage mandate, I was pleased to spend a few minutes talking about it with Newsweek Columnist and legendary pundit Eleanor Clift. Share

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Birth Control Regulation Popular AUDIO

The fight between the Catholic Church, social conservatives and President Obama over birth control seems to be a winning battle for the president.  Share

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Texas Republicans Leary of Naming a Presidential Favorite

A good story from Aman Batheja in the Star-Telegram today points out that most GOP office-holders in Texas are reluctant to say which of the candidates for president they prefer.   Share

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Catholic Church Objection to Health Mandate Sparks Hot Debate

Tempers are running high on this one.  Despite the Obama Administration’s signals that it wants to find a compromise with the Catholic Church over rules that would mandate coverage of contraceptives, both sides are fired up.  Share

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Ring the Bell: Perry is In

If President Obama wore boots, like Rick Perry does, now would be the time to shake in them. That’s because Republican primary voters now have a candidate in Perry that not only can they be excited about but who actually has a shot at beating Mr. Obama for the White House. Share

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Perry Set to “Make Intentions Clear” AUDIO

Governor Perry is now said to be very close to “making his intentions clear” about his possible bid for the White House.   Share

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