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Immigration Fight Simmers Ahead of Texas GOP Convention

Note: This story originally appeared on The Quorum Report. Join us there daily for coverage of Texas politics and government.  HOUSTON – Business interests here in Southeast Texas and elsewhere are working to marshal their forces ahead of what could be a bloody fight at the Republican Party of Texas convention in June over where […]

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Signs That 2014 Could Be the Year for Immigration Reform

This column originally appeared on The Quorum Report. Join us there daily for coverage of Texas politics and government. On the first workday of 2014, there’s no doubt business leaders in Texas were pleased to see the report from the New York Times that declared US House Speaker John Boehner now supports changing the nation’s […]

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Thrown Away People

“If a piece of the building falls to the ground and breaks, they have insurance for that,” said a middle aged man in a wheelchair in Houston. Share

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The Legislature Shouldn’t Hit-And-Run on Immigration

You might think a proposal to force undocumented immigrants to be background checked, fingerprinted, photographed and entered into a database would be an easy sell with Republican lawmakers. But, you’d be wrong. With time quickly running out in the legislative session, a plan to make it possible for undocumented immigrants to obtain a driver permit […]

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Texas is Letting Fear Decide its Fate on Immigration

Texas has an estimated 1.7 million undocumented immigrants living between the Red and Rio Grande Rivers. Houston alone is home to about 600,000 of those. Texas has a 1,200 mile border with Mexico (the longest of any state). Texas has a booming Latino population that sees almost every other issue through the lens of immigration. […]

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Purging the Underground Economy in Texas

In Texas, we pride ourselves on job creation and entrepreneurship. This is the Promised Land, where you can be in charge of your own destiny. For many, if not most, this is true. For others, that rhetoric is used to dodge the law, pay people off the books, avoid taxes and contribute to a cancerous […]

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Two Tragedies in Different Shadows

There were two tragedies in America with high death tolls over the last week and I am taken aback by the difference in the reactions to them. One was a mass shooting in a Colorado movie theater that left 12 Americans dead. The other was a truck crash here in Texas that killed 14 undocumented […]

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Obama Misses a Texas-Sized Opportunity on Immigration

We’ve entered an interesting time in American politics when a Democrat can flog a Republican with the issue of illegal immigration. For years, conservative politicians have used it to call their opponents “open borders liberals.” President Obama, during his visits to San Antonio and Austin this week, slammed the presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney for […]

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Texas and Germany Face Labor Shortage for the Same Reason

The coming labor shortage reported on extensively at Construction Citizen, another website I write for, isn’t confined to the United States.  Germany, an economic powerhouse like Texas, now has its economic performance threatened because the country’s businesses can’t find enough skilled laborers. Share

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Border Fence Puts Texas Wildlife at Risk

It seems to be the environment and beautiful wildlife versus the way the government is handling border security in parts of South Texas.  Share

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