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Amid accusations of fake news, phony organizations help AG Paxton in felony case

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, parroting President Donald Trump, has recently taken to calling news coverage he dislikes “fake news.” As a distraction, it works. When it comes to transparency, the Texas Senate’s recent moves to restrict media coverage are in line with Patrick’s order to the Legislative Budget Board to suppress staff reports – a […]

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Sunday Morning Conversations: Chris Matthews

When Chris Matthews called into the show on News 92 FM this week, I started out by giving him a hard time and telling him I would interview him the way he interviews people.  Tweet Share

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Perry vs Bush AUDIO

Governor Perry has taken heat as of late from Democrats and liberals, which we all expect.  But, some did not expect him to be criticized so sharply by the likes of “the architect” of Gov. Bush’s successful run for the White House: Karl Rove. It’s been written about all over the place, including here, here, […]

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Former Bush Education Official: Texas Schools Should Brace Themselves if Perry Runs AUDIO

A former high-ranking education official in the Bush Administration says that if Gov. Perry decides to run for the White House, Texas school districts can expect an onslaught of scrutiny from the national media.  Tweet Share

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Murdoch’s News Corp Gives Big Money to Democrats AUDIO

News Corp.’s Fox News network is regularly panned by Democrats for having a too-cozy relationship with Republicans. But a new report from POLITICO indicates that News Corp.’s political action committee donated big bucks to Democratic candidates and political committees in June Tweet Share

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Pakistan’s Army of Lobbyists AUDIO

It might surprise you to know that other nations have teams of lobbyists trying to persuade your representative in Congress to look out for their interests. Part of the fallout from Osama bin Laden’s assassination in Pakistan is that nation is trying to make sure it doesn’t lose aid from the United States.  Tweet Share

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Can Fox be as Fair to Obama as I am to Governor Perry?

Liberals and Democrats were upset with Fox News this weekend (shocking, I know) because Fox News Sunday Host Chris Wallace “slammed” the White House for not booking Sec. of State Hillary Clinton and Sec. of Defense Robert Gates on his program.  Wallace was described by some as “whining.”  But, I watched the clip and didn’t […]

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