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Ted Cruz: The News 92 FM Interview

My conversations with the GOP candidates for US Senate from Texas continued today with an, at times, testy exchange with former Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz.  Tweet Share

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Catholic Church Objection to Health Mandate Sparks Hot Debate

Tempers are running high on this one.  Despite the Obama Administration’s signals that it wants to find a compromise with the Catholic Church over rules that would mandate coverage of contraceptives, both sides are fired up.  Tweet Share

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President Obama Flip-Flops on Super PAC Cash AUDIO

President Obama has upset some of his supporters by softening his position on how money will be spent on his behalf during his re-election bid this fall.  He’s thrown his support to a so-called Super PAC, which can raise and spend an unlimited amount of money as long as they don’t coordinate with his campaign.  Tweet […]

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Is President Obama’s Mortgage Plan DOA? AUDIO

I had a spirited exchange today with Wall Stree Journal Editorial Board Member Mary Kissel about the administration’s plan to help homeowners in trouble with their mortgates.  Tweet Share

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Is President Obama’s Trip to Texas a Message to Gov. Perry? AUDIO

There’s been a lot of buzz over the weekend that the upcoming presidential trip to Texas may be a bit of a message from the POTUS to his potential challenger next year: Gov. Perry. Tweet Share

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Is Rick Perry Dumb? No. (AUDIO)

The major political news site Politico asks the question out loud:  “Is Governor Perry dumb? ” Tweet Share

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Gov. Perry Among Those Deadlocked with Obama AUDIO

President Obama’s handling of the economy seems to be at the heart of why all the “top-tier” Republicans in the race for the White House, including Gov. Perry, would be essentially tied with him if the election were held today.  That’s a long way to say Mr. Obama’s real opponent  appears to be the way […]

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Perry vs Bush AUDIO

Governor Perry has taken heat as of late from Democrats and liberals, which we all expect.  But, some did not expect him to be criticized so sharply by the likes of “the architect” of Gov. Bush’s successful run for the White House: Karl Rove. It’s been written about all over the place, including here, here, […]

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How Much Credit Can Rick Perry Claim for Texas Economy? AUDIO

Now that Gov. Perry has announced for the White House, the debate has quickly shifted to how much credit he can really claim for the Texas economy.  In short: He takes lots.  Others, the loudest being Democrats, say “not so fast.”  Tweet Share

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National Media Descends on Austin, Diggin’ for Dirt on Perry AUDIO

It’s been really interesting to see the national media reporters all over Austin trying to find juicy nuggets to report about Governor Perry.  Tweet Share

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