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Flashback: TPPF revised estimate in Texas budget growth down to 9% from nearly 30%

Note: This story originally appeared in The Quorum Report in 2014 after the Texas Public Policy Foundation dramatically revised its analysis of the budget passed by the Legislature in 2013. The information here is worth considering after TPPF this week released its “Conservative Texas Budget.”  Bottom line: Once the GOP primaries were concluded in 2014, […]

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Activists rail against gays and Texas House leadership as Woodfill announces for RPT Chair

HOUSTON – A day after once again stepping onto the national political stage by inserting himself into the Planned Parenthood video fight, former Harris County GOP Chairman Jared Woodfill last week formally announced he is running to lead the Republican Party of Texas. He is running alongside Texas Eagle Forum President Cathie Adams, who has […]

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Unite and Conquer

There are two major religions in Texas: Christianity and high school football. Fortunately for our governor-in-waiting, Attorney General Greg Abbott, a story out of East Texas this week gives him a chance to pander to people of both faiths. Share

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Muslim School Denied Entry in Texas Private School Sports League AUDIO

The Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools faces accusations of religious discrimination after a Muslim school in Houston was denied entry.  Share

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Sunday Morning Conversations: Eleanor Clift

As the fight continues over the Obama Administration’s birth control coverage mandate, I was pleased to spend a few minutes talking about it with Newsweek Columnist and legendary pundit Eleanor Clift. Share

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Birth Control Regulation Popular AUDIO

The fight between the Catholic Church, social conservatives and President Obama over birth control seems to be a winning battle for the president.  Share

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Details of School Prayer Settlment Sound Difficult to Enforce

A school district in South Texas that was sued for what critics called pervasive religion on campuses has reached a settlement with the agnostic family.  The details on this are just fascinating and I would love to have been a fly on the wall for the mediation between the family and the school district. Share

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Ted Cruz: The News 92 FM Interview

My conversations with the GOP candidates for US Senate from Texas continued today with an, at times, testy exchange with former Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz.  Share

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Catholic Church Objection to Health Mandate Sparks Hot Debate

Tempers are running high on this one.  Despite the Obama Administration’s signals that it wants to find a compromise with the Catholic Church over rules that would mandate coverage of contraceptives, both sides are fired up.  Share

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Komen Reverses Course AUDIO

After three days of intense controversy, the Susan G. Komen foundation has reversed course and will continue to send grant money to Planned Parenthood in Texas and around the nation.  Share

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