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Calculating the Impact of Women and Latinos in Texas Elections

Note: This column originally appeared in the Quorum Report. Join us there daily for coverage of Texas politics and government.  Some of the state’s top political number crunchers on both sides of the aisle told business leaders assembled in Austin this past week that the exploding Latino population and the emergence of unmarried women as […]

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Signs That 2014 Could Be the Year for Immigration Reform

This column originally appeared on The Quorum Report. Join us there daily for coverage of Texas politics and government. On the first workday of 2014, there’s no doubt business leaders in Texas were pleased to see the report from the New York Times that declared US House Speaker John Boehner now supports changing the nation’s […]

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Thrown Away People

“If a piece of the building falls to the ground and breaks, they have insurance for that,” said a middle aged man in a wheelchair in Houston. Share

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Is There Any Red Meat Left to Throw?

Gov. Perry avoided the hot button issues of abortion, immigration and gun control so that he could instead focus on the infrastructure needs of Texas in his State of the State address. Aman Batheja has the details over at the Texas Tribune. While many in the Austin chattering class have been trying to figure out […]

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Unite and Conquer

There are two major religions in Texas: Christianity and high school football. Fortunately for our governor-in-waiting, Attorney General Greg Abbott, a story out of East Texas this week gives him a chance to pander to people of both faiths. Share

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Tuesday Morning Reading: “A Civil War in the GOP”

After months of uncertainty, mudslinging, lies, lying about lying, accusations of lying, Chinese intellectual property attacks, liberty-wrestled-from-Cuban-oppression ads, endorsements from Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee – and more – Texas election day is upon us! Share

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Wednesday Morning Reading: Anti-Tax Pledges, Chinese Ties, and More

Ohh…the coffee is dripping and so is the news. Those teases at the Texas Tribune continue to roll out the results of their latest polling with the University of Texas.  Maybe unsurprisingly, those anti-tax pledges some politicians tout on the campaign trail don’t really do it for the majority of people, but the most conservative […]

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Tuesday Morning Reading: May the Best Ad Win

As we get closer to the May 29th primary, there are some really effective political ads and there are some that fall into the “questionable” category.  Share

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Friday Morning Reading: Elected After That Illegal Immigrant College Deal

I’m hearing more and more radio ads for GOP incumbents in the Texas legislature proclaiming they were elected after tuition breaks for illegal immigrants were approved more than a decade ago.  Their “true conservative” primary challengers have accused them of “coddling illegals.” Share

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Wednesday Morning Reading: Trayvon Bombshell

Good morning. For those who asked, yes you did see me on the TV in Houston last night. It was my first appearance on Fox 26 and I hope there will be many more. Producers there tell me they’ll post the video later today on their site.  When it’s up, I’ll link it here. Share

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