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Would Rick Perry Crack Down on Illegal Immigration as President? AUDIO

One of the most pressing issues for conservative Republican primary voters is illegal immigration.  It’s also an issue that could prove troublesome for Gov. Perry in his presidential bid.  Tweet Share

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How Much Credit Can Rick Perry Claim for Texas Economy? AUDIO

Now that Gov. Perry has announced for the White House, the debate has quickly shifted to how much credit he can really claim for the Texas economy.  In short: He takes lots.  Others, the loudest being Democrats, say “not so fast.”  Tweet Share

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Ring the Bell: Perry is In

If President Obama wore boots, like Rick Perry does, now would be the time to shake in them. That’s because Republican primary voters now have a candidate in Perry that not only can they be excited about but who actually has a shot at beating Mr. Obama for the White House. Tweet Share

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Red State Founder Argues Perry Candidacy “Will Resonate”

One of the founders of the event in South Carolina where Governor Perry is set to announce his presidential candidacy says a Perry bid for the White House will “resonate.” Tweet Share

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When Does Governor Perry’s “Honeymoon” as Candidate End? AUDIO

Now that we know Governor Perry is for sure running for president, a revelation that followed my report that the campaign plane is apparently ready, I wondered how long it will be before Perry’s Republican rivals will start to really attack him. Tweet Share

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Rick Perry is the “Sam Houston of Political Money” AUDIO

Some of my sources in Austin say there may very well be a jet in a hangar right now (in an undisclosed location) with “Rick Perry for America” emblazoned on the sides.  Tweet Share

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National Media Descends on Austin, Diggin’ for Dirt on Perry AUDIO

It’s been really interesting to see the national media reporters all over Austin trying to find juicy nuggets to report about Governor Perry.  Tweet Share

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Texas School Funding Could “Really Hurt Perry A Lot” AUDIO

The lawsuit filed against the state over its business tax, known as the “margins tax,” could prove to be quite the thorny issue for Governor Perry if he decides to run for president.  Tweet Share

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