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Governor Perry: Give Officers Ability to Ask Immigration Status AUDIO & VIDEO

In a brief interview today, Governor Perry told Mitch Carr and me on KRLD that what he wants is something between “sanctuary cities” and what Arizona is trying to do, which is  force officers to ask about immigration status. Tweet Share

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Fierce Immigration Debate Among Conservatives AUDIO

As President Obama traveled to Texas today to renew his push for immigration reform, some conservatives here disagreed strongly (with each other) on the issue. Tweet Share

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Senator: Restricting Abortion “Has to be Personal.” AUDIO

Some of the toughest restrictions on abortions are contained in a so-called “sonogram bill” that’s now on the desk of Governor Perry for his signature.  Tweet Share

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“Poison Pill” or “In the Crosshairs,” Planned Parenthood is Under Assault in Texas AUDIO

If you Google “Planned Parenthood” and “Texas” right now, some of the first results might suggest the organization that provides health services to thousands of women all across the state is in some serious trouble. Tweet Share

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Obama’s New Push on Immigration AUDIO

Aside from ordering the assassination of the world’s most wanted terrorist, President Obama is pushing other big fish toward frying pans.  Bill Maher called him a “multitasking ninja,” but I’d prefer to think of the president in a kitchen where he’s the head chef ordering subordinate chefs around.  Tweet Share

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Dallas Mayoral Debate: “What to do about Education?” VIDEO

My contribution to the Dallas mayoral debate tonight on TXA 21 was to challenge the candidates to be “visionary” when it comes to the issue of education.  Tweet Share

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Tax Day Debate AUDIO

Ok, technically this year you can wait until Monday, the 18th to file your taxes.  But, I figured since April 15th is traditional Tax Day, we should debate President Obama’s proposal for taxing the wealthy at a higher rate. Tweet Share

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Father of Fallen Marine Forgives “Totally” AUDIO

The father of a Marine from Arlington who was killed in what is now thought to be a case of “friendly fire” in Afghanistan says he forgives the person who was operating the drone aircraft that fired the missile. Tweet Share

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Prayers for West Texas AUDIO

Dramatic images of the West Texas wildfires continue to pour out of the Big Bend region this morning.  Dozens of homes have been destroyed and thousands of acres burned.  Good news has been scarce since the fires began.  Tweet Share

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Should Texas Take a Stand Against Islamic Law? AUDIO

Texas lawmakers are taking a look at banning courts from considering Shariah law and/or any other religious law when deciding the outcome of cases.  Oklahoma voters approved a measure to do that last year but that’s tied up in the courts. Tweet Share

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