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Speaker Straus Hints at What’s to Come in Texas Legislative Session

Texas House Speaker Joe Straus said this past week that he is “personally” against repealing in-state tuition for undocumented students, he wants to work with Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick on border security, and that The Legislature should avoid “gimmicks” when deciding how to pay for critical infrastructure like roads. In a […]

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Braddock’s Ice Bucket Challenge

I was happy to accept the ice bucket challenge after Ronda Moreland, the producer of the Mark Davis Show in Dallas/Fort Worth threw down the gauntlet. You can see how I handled it here: With that done, I challenge Wayne Slater at the Dallas Morning News, Bud Kennedy at the Star Telegram, and Marty Schladen at […]

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Happy Texas Independence Day

If this speech from “The Alamo” doesn’t give you chills, I’d find it hard to believe you’re of Texas. Tweet Share

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Hypnotic? Maybe

This video of an anemone’s spawning caught my eye today in the twittersphere.  Tweet Share

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Construction Industry “Bandits” Are “Tearing at the Fabric of our Nation” VIDEO

After I posted my thoughts on blue collar workers, this is one of the comments I received from a reader: “It is not just the academic types who devalue blue collar labor but corporate number crunchers who assume one set of hands is as good as another when it comes to these sorts of jobs […]

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Tuesday Morning Reading: May the Best Ad Win

As we get closer to the May 29th primary, there are some really effective political ads and there are some that fall into the “questionable” category.  Tweet Share

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The Value of Blue Collar Work

The economy has been top of mind for me following my recent experience with unemployment.  After all the drama and support I received from all sides, there came the simple issue of what I will do to feed my family and keep a roof over our heads. I don’t have a college education but I […]

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Mayor of Laredo Accepts Apology After Insulting Video Goes Viral

A woman caused quite a stir online by saying the border town of Laredo “sucks” and “thank God I wasn’t born here.”  That video, which got more than 20 thousand hits in just two days, amounts to a long, rambling rant from Sarah Walls about how she wishes she’d never moved to Laredo from Colorado. Tweet Share

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Lobbying the “Super Committee” (Audio & Video)

If you missed it, I reported to Keith Garvin on CBS 11 News that people I’m talking to are really nervous about this so-called “Super Committee” created by the debt deal struck this week by President Obama and leaders in Congress. Tweet Share

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Braddock TV: The Difference Between a Problem and a Crisis

I got a lot of reaction to this week’s segment on CBS 11 News.  Some of it was positive.  Some was negative.  I was talking about the fact that the Tea Party is driving the agenda in Washington right now when it comes to the debt ceiling debate and whether the United States will go […]

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