Construction Citizen

Scott on the construction site of a hospital expansion in Houston.

Scott Braddock is passionate about promoting the blue collar trades and working to ensure Texas has a skilled workforce for years to come.

That’s why he and the team at Construction Citizen have joined forces to to advance a socially responsible, sustainable and value-added construction industry. Doing this involves calling out bad actors in the industry while giving credit where it’s due to ethical companies that do things the right way. Supporting education reforms that will bolster a skilled workforce is also key. Braddock’s work on Construction Citizen has gained national attention and has been embraced on the left in venues like Salon and on the right by websites like Texas GOP Vote.

The Construction Career Collaborative is working to improve the careers of those who enter commercial construction. That’s why Braddock is happy to volunteer with the Houston-based non-profit. For more information on C3, click here.