Too Many Hispanics in the Texas Legislature? AUDIO & VIDEO

A well known immigration activist has come under fire for suggesting the reason Texas hasn’t passed an Arizona-style immigration crackdown is there are too many Hispanics in the legislature. 

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Police Chiefs & Sheriff’s Speak Against Texas Immigration Crackdown AUDIO

The debate over whether local law enforcement in Texas should inquire about immigration status is again front and center at the State Capitol.

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A Reality Check for the Fact Checkers AUDIO

I had a heated exchange with Gardner Selby at Politifact Texas today about his “fact check” of a fight over Plano Superintendent Doug Otto’s claim that Governor Perry believes there’s 1-to-1 ratio of teachers to administrators in Texas.

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Is Gov. Perry’s Prayer Event Really a Campaign Kickoff?

Governor Perry’s once again pouring fuel on the fire when it comes to speculation about his possible run for president.  He’s launched a slick website to promote a day of prayer he plans to host in Houston in August. 

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Braddock TV: Political Scandals Bring us All Back to High School

I really do believe that the way people react to news stories can be best explained by the way they behaved in high school. 

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Ron Paul For President, Again AUDIO

Texas Congressman and libertarian firebrand Ron Paul is once again in the race for the presidency.  He’s officially announced his candidacy today.

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Governor Perry: Give Officers Ability to Ask Immigration Status AUDIO & VIDEO

In a brief interview today, Governor Perry told Mitch Carr and me on KRLD that what he wants is something between “sanctuary cities” and what Arizona is trying to do, which is  force officers to ask about immigration status.

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Fierce Immigration Debate Among Conservatives AUDIO

As President Obama traveled to Texas today to renew his push for immigration reform, some conservatives here disagreed strongly (with each other) on the issue.

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Senator: Restricting Abortion “Has to be Personal.” AUDIO

Some of the toughest restrictions on abortions are contained in a so-called “sonogram bill” that’s now on the desk of Governor Perry for his signature. 

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Pakistan’s Army of Lobbyists AUDIO

It might surprise you to know that other nations have teams of lobbyists trying to persuade your representative in Congress to look out for their interests. Part of the fallout from Osama bin Laden’s assassination in Pakistan is that nation is trying to make sure it doesn’t lose aid from the United States. 

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