When Does Governor Perry’s “Honeymoon” as Candidate End? AUDIO

Now that we know Governor Perry is for sure running for president, a revelation that followed my report that the campaign plane is apparently ready, I wondered how long it will be before Perry’s Republican rivals will start to really attack him.

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Rick Perry is the “Sam Houston of Political Money” AUDIO

Some of my sources in Austin say there may very well be a jet in a hangar right now (in an undisclosed location) with “Rick Perry for America” emblazoned on the sides. 

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National Media Descends on Austin, Diggin’ for Dirt on Perry AUDIO

It’s been really interesting to see the national media reporters all over Austin trying to find juicy nuggets to report about Governor Perry. 

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Texas School Funding Could “Really Hurt Perry A Lot” AUDIO

The lawsuit filed against the state over its business tax, known as the “margins tax,” could prove to be quite the thorny issue for Governor Perry if he decides to run for president. 

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Perry Set to “Make Intentions Clear” AUDIO

Governor Perry is now said to be very close to “making his intentions clear” about his possible bid for the White House.  

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Perry Prayer Rally “Establishes Him as the Frontrunner for the Republican Nomination” AUDIO

Even though it was billed as a non-political event, Governor Perry’s day of prayer and fasting at Reliant Stadium in Houston is being seen in Austin as a political success. 

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Lobbying the “Super Committee” (Audio & Video)

If you missed it, I reported to Keith Garvin on CBS 11 News that people I’m talking to are really nervous about this so-called “Super Committee” created by the debt deal struck this week by President Obama and leaders in Congress.

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A Texan Rounding Up Votes for Speaker Boehner’s Debt Plan

House Republican Deputy Whip Kevin Brady, R-The Woodlands, took the time to chat with me this morning about the challenge of putting together enough votes to pass Speaker Boehner’s debt bill.

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Debt Debate: Butts Did Not Get in Line AUDIO

The debt debate takes a new turn now with a terrible setback for Republican Speaker John Boehner, who was unable to get enough members of his own party to go along with his plan for cutting spending, raising the debt ceiling, and ending the standoff in Washington. 

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Braddock TV: The Difference Between a Problem and a Crisis

I got a lot of reaction to this week’s segment on CBS 11 News.  Some of it was positive.  Some was negative.  I was talking about the fact that the Tea Party is driving the agenda in Washington right now when it comes to the debt ceiling debate and whether the United States will go […]

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