Should Texas Take a Stand Against Islamic Law? AUDIO

Texas lawmakers are taking a look at banning courts from considering Shariah law and/or any other religious law when deciding the outcome of cases.  Oklahoma voters approved a measure to do that last year but that’s tied up in the courts.

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Ashley Judd on the Sex Trade

I had the pleasure of speaking with Ashley Judd about her advocacy for young girls and women exploited in the sex trade. 

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Debate: What’s Really Wrong with the Texas Budget? AUDIO

I love when our debates on the show feature opposing viewpoints that are rarely heard on other media.  It’s also fun when the people sparring on the air later tell me that they had no idea their opponent was going to make the kinds of points that were made. 

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Braddock TV: Government Shutdown Would be Seen as “Childish” VIDEO

The fine folks at CBS 11 in Dallas/Fort Worth were nice enough to have me on this week to talk about the potential government shutdown that could happen as soon as this weekend.

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Ron Paul: Obama’s War in Libya is “Preemptive” Like Bush’s War in Iraq AUDIO

Libertarian firebrand Rep. Ron Paul, R-Lake Jackson, says that President Obama’s intervention in Libya should be deemed illegal and that it shares many problems with the Iraq War started under President Bush. In an interview with me on KRLD, Congressman Paul said the reasons given for the war in Iraq, mainly the claims of weapons […]

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Is “Loser Pays” Legislation Really Intimidation of Average Texans? AUDIO

Governor Perry is pushing for so-called “loser pays” rules in Texas that would require people who file lawsuits to pay the expenses of defendants if the plaintiffs lose the case.  The governor and others argue this kind of tort reform is a way to cut down on frivolous lawsuits. 

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Some Conservatives Upset About Money Diverted for Voter ID

Some conservative activists have a big problem with part of the Voter ID law that was passed by the Texas legislature.  The San Antonio Toll Party and Texas TURF (Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom) objecting to using money from the “mobility fund” to pay for photo ID’s that will be given to low income […]

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Could Obama be Remembered as a “War President?” VIDEO

I was on CBS 11 News this afternoon with Karen Borta to make one of the points I’ve often thought about:  Will President Obama, like Lyndon Johnson, be remembered mainly as a War President? 

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Texas School Funding Fight has Dems Blaming Tax Structure, Business Leaders Saying “It’s the economy (stupid)” AUDIO

It seems to me the two sides in the fight over how to pay for public schools in Texas aren’t even in the same building, let alone the same room.

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Can Fox be as Fair to Obama as I am to Governor Perry?

Liberals and Democrats were upset with Fox News this weekend (shocking, I know) because Fox News Sunday Host Chris Wallace “slammed” the White House for not booking Sec. of State Hillary Clinton and Sec. of Defense Robert Gates on his program.  Wallace was described by some as “whining.”  But, I watched the clip and didn’t […]

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