Is Gov. Chris Christie’s Presidential Buzz Only About Fundraising? AUDIO

Longtime political strategist Jason Stanford, who also has a book coming out soon about Rick Perry, points out that this is sort of like “sweeps week” for political fundraising and all the hype about New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is likely about that and only that.

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Illegal Immigrant UT Graduate to Perry: Don’t Back Down on In-State Tuition AUDIO

I just finished an interview with a young man who was brought to Texas illegally when he was four-years-old.  Jose Torres-Don attended the University of Texas and received the in-state tuition break that has caused Gov. Perry so many headaches this past week on the presidential campaign trail. 

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Is President Obama’s Trip to Texas a Message to Gov. Perry? AUDIO

There’s been a lot of buzz over the weekend that the upcoming presidential trip to Texas may be a bit of a message from the POTUS to his potential challenger next year: Gov. Perry.

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Texas Tea Party Leader: GOP Race is Wide Open (AUDIO)

Heading into the first “Tea Party Debate” of the presidential race,  I thought it would be a good idea to check in with Dallas Tea Party founder Phillip Dennis and see what he thinks of how Gov. Perry and the other candidates have performed so far. 

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Texas is the “Swinging Gate” for Drugs into America AUDIO

The Pentagon’s announcement that 1,000 National Guard troops will remain deployed along the US-Mexico border is underwhelming to security experts familiar with the inner workings of the Mexican drug cartels. 

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Inside Gov. Perry’s Hill Country Meeting with Evangelicals AUDIO

My friend Jay Root at the Texas Tribune was able to get some incredible details about the recent gathering in the Texas Hill Country in which Gov. Perry talked with Christian Evangelicals for about 8 hours. As Jay reports, the governor was asked some pointed questions, including one that prompted him to say nothing in […]

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Is Rick Perry Dumb? No. (AUDIO)

The major political news site Politico asks the question out loud:  “Is Governor Perry dumb? ”

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South Texas Oilfield Could “Dwarf” All Others in The State AUDIO

New numbers released by an investment bank find the Eagle Ford Shale, already thought to be be a huge oil find, could “dwarf” all other oil fields in Texas. 

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Gov. Perry Among Those Deadlocked with Obama AUDIO

President Obama’s handling of the economy seems to be at the heart of why all the “top-tier” Republicans in the race for the White House, including Gov. Perry, would be essentially tied with him if the election were held today.  That’s a long way to say Mr. Obama’s real opponent  appears to be the way […]

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Perry vs Bush AUDIO

Governor Perry has taken heat as of late from Democrats and liberals, which we all expect.  But, some did not expect him to be criticized so sharply by the likes of “the architect” of Gov. Bush’s successful run for the White House: Karl Rove. It’s been written about all over the place, including here, here, […]

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