Former Prosecutor: Harris County DA in a No-Win Scenario

Embattled Harris County District Attorney Pat Lykos walked out of her own press conference yesterday as reporters attemped to question her over the problems surrounding her office.  She’s under fire because of allegations about her office investigating grand jurors investigating her.  Confused yet? 

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Birth Control Regulation Popular AUDIO

The fight between the Catholic Church, social conservatives and President Obama over birth control seems to be a winning battle for the president. 

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Border Fence Puts Texas Wildlife at Risk

It seems to be the environment and beautiful wildlife versus the way the government is handling border security in parts of South Texas. 

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Must Read Texas. Seriously: You Must

An interesting new concept being pushed by my friends GOP Strategist Matt Mackowiak and Democratic Consultant Jason Stanford:  They want people all over Texas to pay more attention to what’s happening all over Texas.

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Yolanda Adams Reflects on The Life of Whitney Houston

5 time Grammy Award-winner and friend of Whitney Houston Yolanda Adams joined me today on News 92 FM to reflect on her life for a few minutes. 

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Texas Republicans Leary of Naming a Presidential Favorite

A good story from Aman Batheja in the Star-Telegram today points out that most GOP office-holders in Texas are reluctant to say which of the candidates for president they prefer.  

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Perry Fired up at CPAC, is he Running Again in 2016? AUDIO

Governor Perry fired up conservative activists gathered at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference this week.  Following this interview on Fox News, a lot of folks are talking about whether Perry will make another run for the White House in 2016. 

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Details of School Prayer Settlment Sound Difficult to Enforce

A school district in South Texas that was sued for what critics called pervasive religion on campuses has reached a settlement with the agnostic family.  The details on this are just fascinating and I would love to have been a fly on the wall for the mediation between the family and the school district.

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Ted Cruz: The News 92 FM Interview

My conversations with the GOP candidates for US Senate from Texas continued today with an, at times, testy exchange with former Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz. 

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Kansas Bucks the Trend; Tries to Authorize Illegal Immigrants

A fascinating story out of Kansas, where they’ve passed a law that would create a state-sponsored program to help businesses recruit workers who are illegally in the United States. 

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