Mayor of Laredo Accepts Apology After Insulting Video Goes Viral

A woman caused quite a stir online by saying the border town of Laredo “sucks” and “thank God I wasn’t born here.”  That video, which got more than 20 thousand hits in just two days, amounts to a long, rambling rant from Sarah Walls about how she wishes she’d never moved to Laredo from Colorado.

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President Obama Flip-Flops on Super PAC Cash AUDIO

President Obama has upset some of his supporters by softening his position on how money will be spent on his behalf during his re-election bid this fall.  He’s thrown his support to a so-called Super PAC, which can raise and spend an unlimited amount of money as long as they don’t coordinate with his campaign. 

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Is President Obama’s Mortgage Plan DOA? AUDIO

I had a spirited exchange today with Wall Stree Journal Editorial Board Member Mary Kissel about the administration’s plan to help homeowners in trouble with their mortgates. 

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Is Testing in Texas Schools a “Perversion?” AUDIO

An intense debate has broken out about Texas Education Commissioner Robert Scott’s contention that the tests taken by public school students are a “perversion” of the legislature’s original intent. 

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What is Ron Paul’s End Game? AUDIO

There has been a lot of speculation what Texas Congressman Ron Paul’s real goal is with what may very well be his last political campaign. 

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Komen Reverses Course AUDIO

After three days of intense controversy, the Susan G. Komen foundation has reversed course and will continue to send grant money to Planned Parenthood in Texas and around the nation. 

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David Dewhurst: The News 92 FM Interview

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Craig James: The News 92 FM Interview

Ok, so I’m cribbin’ from the Texas Tribune with the headline, but here’s the full interview from this morning’s show on News 92 FM.  We covered a wide range of issues from gay marriage to gun rights to why in the world he’d want to get into the rough and tumble sport of Texas politics. 

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Senate Candidates Differ on Gay Marriage Ban in Texas

Craig James, the former ESPN analyst and football star running for United States Senate from Texas, told me today that he’s against the gay marriage ban in the Lone Star State. 

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Komen for the Cure Debate AUDIO

The decision by the Texas-based Susan G. Komen Foundation to cut off all funding/grants to Planned Parenthood lit up my Facebook and Twitter feeds like no story has recently. 

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