Braddock TV: The Difference Between a Problem and a Crisis

I got a lot of reaction to this week’s segment on CBS 11 News.  Some of it was positive.  Some was negative.  I was talking about the fact that the Tea Party is driving the agenda in Washington right now when it comes to the debt ceiling debate and whether the United States will go […]

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Debt Debate Draws Comparisons to Terrorism AUDIO

I have to tell you the crisis over the nation’s debt limit has frustrations boiling over in ways I haven’t seen since the last time we had some crisis that seemed to average folks like a manufactured controversy.

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Explaining (To America) Governor Perry’s Stance on Gay Marriage

It seems Gov. Perry confused some social conservatives and the national media when he recently said that that it as “OK” with him that New York has legalized gay marriage.

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KRLD Sports Legend Roger Emrich is the New Stadium Voice of the Cowboys

A quick break from politics here to let you know that one of my great friends and colleagues, Roger Emrich, is going to be the new stadium announcer for the Dallas Cowboys when the new NFL season begins.

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First Baptist Dallas Pastor: Christians Shouldn’t Try to Make Every Issue a Moral Absolute

Now that prayer events are being held to address the debt crisis (that’s in addition to Gov. Perry’s much-touted and controversial prayer event in Houston next month), I thought it would be interesting to talk with a prominent religious leader in North Texas about people turning to their faith in crisis situations.

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Former Bush Education Official: Texas Schools Should Brace Themselves if Perry Runs AUDIO

A former high-ranking education official in the Bush Administration says that if Gov. Perry decides to run for the White House, Texas school districts can expect an onslaught of scrutiny from the national media. 

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Braddock TV: Tea Party GOP Sent to DC to Stir Pot, Not Knock it Over

On CBS 11 this afternoon, I talked with Keith Garvin about the latest on the debt fight in Washington, Governor Perry’s feeling of being “called” to run for president, and more.  Take a look:

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Murdoch’s News Corp Gives Big Money to Democrats AUDIO

News Corp.’s Fox News network is regularly panned by Democrats for having a too-cozy relationship with Republicans. But a new report from POLITICO indicates that News Corp.’s political action committee donated big bucks to Democratic candidates and political committees in June

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Tea Party Puts Pressure on Perry for Special Session on Immigration Crackdown

Tea Party groups from around the state want Gov. Perry to call a second special session of the Texas Legislature to address a ban on so-called “sanctuary cities.”  In this open letter to the Governor and others, they argue the legislature didn’t take the issue of illegal immigration seriously enough to actually do anything about […]

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Attacks on Congressman Whose Marriage is Ending AUDIO

Many people disagree with Rep. Pete Sessions, D-Dallas, on fundamental issues.  But, no matter what they think of his stances on gay marriage, abortion, etc, many think it seems over the line to attack him politically at the moment it’s announced his 27 year marriage is ending.

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