Texas School Funding Fight has Dems Blaming Tax Structure, Business Leaders Saying “It’s the economy (stupid)” AUDIO

It seems to me the two sides in the fight over how to pay for public schools in Texas aren’t even in the same building, let alone the same room.

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Can Fox be as Fair to Obama as I am to Governor Perry?

Liberals and Democrats were upset with Fox News this weekend (shocking, I know) because Fox News Sunday Host Chris Wallace “slammed” the White House for not booking Sec. of State Hillary Clinton and Sec. of Defense Robert Gates on his program.  Wallace was described by some as “whining.”  But, I watched the clip and didn’t […]

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Freedom Fighters

As the uprisings in the Arab world intensify, we’ve heard a lot about the influence of the internet, Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc. But, what about war games?

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Getting Caraway’d

I’m listening to the tape of Dallas Mayor Dwaine Caraway’s conversation with police about the domestic disturbance that resulted in officers being called to his home on Jan. 2.  It is difficult to listen to and there is abundant rough language.

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Plano Superintendent: Governor Perry’s Claims on School Funding “Disingenuous” and “Idiocy”(Audio)

After he was directed to find massive cuts in teaching staff and other costs, the superintendent of the Plano School District took a direct shot at Governor Rick Perry this afternoon on KRLD.   Dr. Doug Otto told me that the Republican Governor’s assertions that there’s a 1 to 1 ratio of administrators to teachers is […]

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Texas Voter ID: What do Democrats Hope For? (Audio)

Can the Democrats in the Republican-controlled Texas House hope for any influence whatsoever in the debate over a proposed requirement to show photo ID when casting ballots in the Great State?

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“How Dumb Are We?” Might Not be the Right Question

I saw this headline on the Newsweek website:   “How Dumb Are We?” That’s the kind of headline that gets your attention but it’s probably too weak. 

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Funny Man & Banjo Picker Steve Martin Joins us on KRLD Updated with AUDIO

This morning at 9:30, Mitch Carr and I had have the pleasure of speaking with Steve Martin on KRLD.  You can listen live here.  He’s promoting his new bluegrass album.  Mitch passes along this info: Martin’s album features collaborations with Paul McCartney, The Dixie Chicks, and bluegrass band The Steep Canyon Rangers. The album, entitled […]

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Sunday Reading

The news today is focused on Libya and the fact that the United States is now engaged in a third war when our military is already over-extended because of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  It’s a big shift from the 24/7 coverage of Japan we’ve seen lately. The war in Libya is yet another […]

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“A darker world, not a brighter one.” (Audio)

That’s the quote from me that most of the tweeters seem to remember from this week’s South by Southwest panel put together by bestselling author and muckraker James Moore.  Jim was nice enough to invite me to speak with him and Ben Werdmuller von Elgg about the future of journalism in a post-Wikileaks world.

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