Jake Silverstein, Editor, Texas Monthly: “In a news landscape increasingly overrun with shrill voices, Scott Braddock is a rare thing: a source of thoughtful commentary and fearless reporting that delivers real insights.”

Evan Smith, Editor-in-Chief and CEO of the Texas Tribune: “Scott Braddock is one of the two or three most important broadcast journalists covering politics and public policy in Texas — on air and online. His interviews are the ones everyone needs to hear; his commentary is thought-provoking; and he drives the news in every cycle he touches.”

Wayne Slater, Senior Political Writer, Dallas Morning News: “Hands down, one of the best interviewers in Texas. Scott Braddock knows his stuff and pity the poor politician who tries to get by on sound bites and talking points. When it comes to asking the questions that people want answers to, Scott’s the man. His show’s a must for anybody to keep up with the hottest issues of the day.”

Bud Kennedy, Columnist, Fort Worth Star Telegram: “Scott is the rare radio talk host who cares about telling both sides of a story, and he usually does that by finding good guests with strong opinions. He brings a little bit of reason to talk radio.”

Glenn W. Smith, Former Adviser to Texas Governor Ann Richards: “Scott Braddock is a rarity in journalism and radio. He’s driven by a keen instinct for truth. Nonsense, whether from the left or the right, has no place on his show. And that means his listeners are among the best informed in all of radioland.”

Jim McGrath, Speechwriter for President George H. W. Bush: “The secret why Scott Braddock is one of the most respected journalists going today is really no secret at all.  He does his homework; he focuses on the big issues that matter to us as Texans and Americans; and he executes his role as a dogged news gatherer with total professionalism — and without bias.  He is a credit to the tradition of great radio and print (or, in Scott’s case, online) reporters hailing from the Lone Star State.”