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Sunday Morning Conversations: Rob Johnson

The coming week will be a huge one in the GOP nominating contest.  The Super Tuesday showdown will be espcially critical for Newt Gingrich, who’s been written off by many pundits and has said himself that the primary in his home state of Georgia is crucial.  Tweet Share

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What is Ron Paul’s End Game? AUDIO

There has been a lot of speculation what Texas Congressman Ron Paul’s real goal is with what may very well be his last political campaign.  Tweet Share

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Has Gov. Perry Found his Swing? (Audio)

Some say Gov. Perry did exactly what he needed to do to steady his campaign during last night’s debate in Las Vegas:  He came out swingin’. If you missed the debate, here’s a re-cap in 100 seconds. After the throwdown in Vegas, I spoke with one of the co-authors of the forthcoming book about Gov. […]

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Inside Gov. Perry’s Hill Country Meeting with Evangelicals AUDIO

My friend Jay Root at the Texas Tribune was able to get some incredible details about the recent gathering in the Texas Hill Country in which Gov. Perry talked with Christian Evangelicals for about 8 hours. As Jay reports, the governor was asked some pointed questions, including one that prompted him to say nothing in […]

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Gov. Perry Among Those Deadlocked with Obama AUDIO

President Obama’s handling of the economy seems to be at the heart of why all the “top-tier” Republicans in the race for the White House, including Gov. Perry, would be essentially tied with him if the election were held today.  That’s a long way to say Mr. Obama’s real opponent  appears to be the way […]

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When Does Governor Perry’s “Honeymoon” as Candidate End? AUDIO

Now that we know Governor Perry is for sure running for president, a revelation that followed my report that the campaign plane is apparently ready, I wondered how long it will be before Perry’s Republican rivals will start to really attack him. Tweet Share

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Perry Set to “Make Intentions Clear” AUDIO

Governor Perry is now said to be very close to “making his intentions clear” about his possible bid for the White House.   Tweet Share

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Explaining (To America) Governor Perry’s Stance on Gay Marriage

It seems Gov. Perry confused some social conservatives and the national media when he recently said that that it as “OK” with him that New York has legalized gay marriage. Tweet Share

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