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The Texas Senate Stands

As the 84th Texas Legislature concludes, there will be plenty of talk about which lawmakers were the best and worst, which made a difference, which made no difference at all, and what new laws will make Texas a better or worse place. I’ll leave that kind of list-making to wiser folks for the moment. Instead […]

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Craig James: The News 92 FM Interview

Ok, so I’m cribbin’ from the Texas Tribune with the headline, but here’s the full interview from this morning’s show on News 92 FM.  We covered a wide range of issues from gay marriage to gun rights to why in the world he’d want to get into the rough and tumble sport of Texas politics.  […]

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Senate Candidates Differ on Gay Marriage Ban in Texas

Craig James, the former ESPN analyst and football star running for United States Senate from Texas, told me today that he’s against the gay marriage ban in the Lone Star State.  Tweet Share

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Explaining (To America) Governor Perry’s Stance on Gay Marriage

It seems Gov. Perry confused some social conservatives and the national media when he recently said that that it as “OK” with him that New York has legalized gay marriage. Tweet Share

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