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A Place for the Terrified: Some Thoughts on Being Fired from News 92 FM

I stood in my kitchen at home in Houston and tried to assure a woman who recently had an abortion that I would be fair to her if she appeared on my radio program. As I talked to Carolyn Jones, who had called me from Austin, she was very nervous about what questions I might […]

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Sunday Morning Conversations: Chris Matthews

When Chris Matthews called into the show on News 92 FM this week, I started out by giving him a hard time and telling him I would interview him the way he interviews people.  Tweet Share

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President Obama Flip-Flops on Super PAC Cash AUDIO

President Obama has upset some of his supporters by softening his position on how money will be spent on his behalf during his re-election bid this fall.  He’s thrown his support to a so-called Super PAC, which can raise and spend an unlimited amount of money as long as they don’t coordinate with his campaign.  Tweet […]

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Perry vs Bush AUDIO

Governor Perry has taken heat as of late from Democrats and liberals, which we all expect.  But, some did not expect him to be criticized so sharply by the likes of “the architect” of Gov. Bush’s successful run for the White House: Karl Rove. It’s been written about all over the place, including here, here, […]

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Would Rick Perry Crack Down on Illegal Immigration as President? AUDIO

One of the most pressing issues for conservative Republican primary voters is illegal immigration.  It’s also an issue that could prove troublesome for Gov. Perry in his presidential bid.  Tweet Share

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Red State Founder Argues Perry Candidacy “Will Resonate”

One of the founders of the event in South Carolina where Governor Perry is set to announce his presidential candidacy says a Perry bid for the White House will “resonate.” Tweet Share

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Rick Perry is the “Sam Houston of Political Money” AUDIO

Some of my sources in Austin say there may very well be a jet in a hangar right now (in an undisclosed location) with “Rick Perry for America” emblazoned on the sides.  Tweet Share

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Lobbying the “Super Committee” (Audio & Video)

If you missed it, I reported to Keith Garvin on CBS 11 News that people I’m talking to are really nervous about this so-called “Super Committee” created by the debt deal struck this week by President Obama and leaders in Congress. Tweet Share

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A Texan Rounding Up Votes for Speaker Boehner’s Debt Plan

House Republican Deputy Whip Kevin Brady, R-The Woodlands, took the time to chat with me this morning about the challenge of putting together enough votes to pass Speaker Boehner’s debt bill. Tweet Share

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