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More Resources May Be Needed For Texas Education Reforms to Work

Some lawmakers raised questions this week about whether school districts around Texas have the kind of resources they’ll need to fully implement sweeping education reforms signed into law last year. Starting this fall, students will have several new options for which path they’d like to take to earn a high school diploma. But whether those […]

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Educators and Parents Rejoice Over STAAR Delay AUDIO

I have heard from parents all over Texas who say they’re thrilled, tickled pink (however you want to say excited) that the STAAR exam won’t count for 15% of their child’s grade this year.  Tweet Share

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Is Testing in Texas Schools a “Perversion?” AUDIO

An intense debate has broken out about Texas Education Commissioner Robert Scott’s contention that the tests taken by public school students are a “perversion” of the legislature’s original intent.  Tweet Share

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Do Lawmakers Need to Get Back to Austin to Fix Texas School Funding? AUDIO

The outgoing chairman of the Texas Senate Finance Committee, Steve Ogden, R-Bryan/College Station, says Republicans and Democrats alike need to come together in Austin to fix fundamental problems with the way schools are paid for in Texas.  Tweet Share

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Former Bush Education Official: Texas Schools Should Brace Themselves if Perry Runs AUDIO

A former high-ranking education official in the Bush Administration says that if Gov. Perry decides to run for the White House, Texas school districts can expect an onslaught of scrutiny from the national media.  Tweet Share

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Texas School Funding Fight has Dems Blaming Tax Structure, Business Leaders Saying “It’s the economy (stupid)” AUDIO

It seems to me the two sides in the fight over how to pay for public schools in Texas aren’t even in the same building, let alone the same room. Tweet Share

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Texas Education Crisis is Result of Broken Promises (Video)

In case you missed it, I told Tracy Kornet on CBS 11 News this week that the multi-billion dollar shortfall in education funding in Texas is the result of politicians not doing what they said they would. I’ve grown a little tired of certain people getting away with pretending as if this is simply a […]

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