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Must Read Texas. Seriously: You Must

An interesting new concept being pushed by my friends GOP Strategist Matt Mackowiak and Democratic Consultant Jason Stanford:  They want people all over Texas to pay more attention to what’s happening all over Texas. Tweet Share

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Mayor of Laredo Accepts Apology After Insulting Video Goes Viral

A woman caused quite a stir online by saying the border town of Laredo “sucks” and “thank God I wasn’t born here.”  That video, which got more than 20 thousand hits in just two days, amounts to a long, rambling rant from Sarah Walls about how she wishes she’d never moved to Laredo from Colorado. Tweet Share

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Is Testing in Texas Schools a “Perversion?” AUDIO

An intense debate has broken out about Texas Education Commissioner Robert Scott’s contention that the tests taken by public school students are a “perversion” of the legislature’s original intent.  Tweet Share

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What is Ron Paul’s End Game? AUDIO

There has been a lot of speculation what Texas Congressman Ron Paul’s real goal is with what may very well be his last political campaign.  Tweet Share

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Komen Reverses Course AUDIO

After three days of intense controversy, the Susan G. Komen foundation has reversed course and will continue to send grant money to Planned Parenthood in Texas and around the nation.  Tweet Share

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Senate Candidates Differ on Gay Marriage Ban in Texas

Craig James, the former ESPN analyst and football star running for United States Senate from Texas, told me today that he’s against the gay marriage ban in the Lone Star State.  Tweet Share

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Do Lawmakers Need to Get Back to Austin to Fix Texas School Funding? AUDIO

The outgoing chairman of the Texas Senate Finance Committee, Steve Ogden, R-Bryan/College Station, says Republicans and Democrats alike need to come together in Austin to fix fundamental problems with the way schools are paid for in Texas.  Tweet Share

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Is President Obama’s Trip to Texas a Message to Gov. Perry? AUDIO

There’s been a lot of buzz over the weekend that the upcoming presidential trip to Texas may be a bit of a message from the POTUS to his potential challenger next year: Gov. Perry. Tweet Share

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Inside Gov. Perry’s Hill Country Meeting with Evangelicals AUDIO

My friend Jay Root at the Texas Tribune was able to get some incredible details about the recent gathering in the Texas Hill Country in which Gov. Perry talked with Christian Evangelicals for about 8 hours. As Jay reports, the governor was asked some pointed questions, including one that prompted him to say nothing in […]

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South Texas Oilfield Could “Dwarf” All Others in The State AUDIO

New numbers released by an investment bank find the Eagle Ford Shale, already thought to be be a huge oil find, could “dwarf” all other oil fields in Texas.  Tweet Share

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