Prayers for West Texas AUDIO

Dramatic images of the West Texas wildfires continue to pour out of the Big Bend region this morning.  Dozens of homes have been destroyed and thousands of acres burned.  Good news has been scarce since the fires began. 

But, it’s been truly inspiring to hear one story after another of the “scrappy volunteers” who sprang into action to help their neighbors.  Coupled with the rugged individualism people of West Texas pride themselves on is a sense that we are all responsible for our neighbors.

Texas Monthly Editor Jake Silverstein, who once lived in Marfa and wrote a book largely based on his experiences there,  and I talked about it.  Listen:

Jake Silverstein on West Texas by Scott Braddock

Another one of my regular contributors, Harold Cook, took the time to check in from his home in Marathon, which is to the east of where most of these fires are burning.  Listen:

Harold Cook in Marathon by Scott Braddock

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