First Baptist Dallas Pastor: Christians Shouldn’t Try to Make Every Issue a Moral Absolute

Pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress

Now that prayer events are being held to address the debt crisis (that’s in addition to Gov. Perry’s much-touted and controversial prayer event in Houston next month), I thought it would be interesting to talk with a prominent religious leader in North Texas about people turning to their faith in crisis situations.

First Baptist Dallas Pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress told me that while he totally supports what Gov. Perry is doing, he doesn’t think people should “twist the bible to try to support our particular way of solving this (debt) crisis.”

As Wayne Slater at the Dallas Morning News has noted, many conservatives now view questions of fiscal policy through the same kind of “moral absolute/no compromise” lens that they view issues like gay marriage and abortion.

“We Christians need to stick to the moral absolutes that are found in scripture, and not try to make every issue a biblical issue,” Jeffress said.

Click here to listen to Dr. Jeffress talk about moral absolutes

We also talked about the fact that many people seem to wait until they’re in a crisis situation before they pray to God for help.

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