When Does Governor Perry’s “Honeymoon” as Candidate End? AUDIO

Gov. Rick Perry, R-Texas

Now that we know Governor Perry is for sure running for president, a revelation that followed my report that the campaign plane is apparently ready, I wondered how long it will be before Perry’s Republican rivals will start to really attack him.

So, I sought out two of the best political minds in Austin:  Democratic Strategist Harold Cook and GOP Consultant Ted Delisi.  Ted thinks the other Republicans in the race will leave Perry alone, at least for now.  But, Harold thinks they’ll be gunnin’ for Perry pretty soon after he’s officially out of the gate on Saturday.

Take a listen:

Click here for part 1 of Harold Cook & Ted Delisi (Right click to download)

Click here for part 2 of Harold Cook & Ted Delisi (Right click to download)

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