Thursday Morning Reading: Blowing the Whistle on “Bandits” in Construction Industry

I’m still thinking about my trip to Dallas, where I met construction industry whistleblower Andy Anderson on Monday. He told me he’s received death threats in the wake of WFAA’s reports on the ability of his competitors to cheat the system and undercut him for work.

As I noted yesterday on Twitter: In Houston, any building that outlives its usefulness is immediately torn down, with the exception of the Astrodome. The Chron reports this morning that voters in Harris County may be asked to sign off on a $500 plan for the dome and Reliant Arena.

Other notes:

The DMN says Texas Republican leaders are a little miffed with Mitt Romney over his lack of attention to them and the state.

The UT Texas Tribune Poll continues to shock us (not really) with numbers like this:  Most Texans support the death penalty.

What else should I be covering?  Let me know.


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