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Would Rick Perry Crack Down on Illegal Immigration as President? AUDIO

One of the most pressing issues for conservative Republican primary voters is illegal immigration.  It’s also an issue that could prove troublesome for Gov. Perry in his presidential bid.  Tweet Share

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How Much Credit Can Rick Perry Claim for Texas Economy? AUDIO

Now that Gov. Perry has announced for the White House, the debate has quickly shifted to how much credit he can really claim for the Texas economy.  In short: He takes lots.  Others, the loudest being Democrats, say “not so fast.”  Tweet Share

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Tea Party Puts Pressure on Perry for Special Session on Immigration Crackdown

Tea Party groups from around the state want Gov. Perry to call a second special session of the Texas Legislature to address a ban on so-called “sanctuary cities.”  In this open letter to the Governor and others, they argue the legislature didn’t take the issue of illegal immigration seriously enough to actually do anything about […]

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Immigration Activist Answers Accusations of Racism AUDIO

The immigration activist who upset a lot of people for suggesting there are too many Hispanics in the Texas Legislature took the time to answer her critics today.  Tweet Share

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Too Many Hispanics in the Texas Legislature? AUDIO & VIDEO

A well known immigration activist has come under fire for suggesting the reason Texas hasn’t passed an Arizona-style immigration crackdown is there are too many Hispanics in the legislature.  Tweet Share

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Police Chiefs & Sheriff’s Speak Against Texas Immigration Crackdown AUDIO

The debate over whether local law enforcement in Texas should inquire about immigration status is again front and center at the State Capitol. Tweet Share

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Governor Perry: Give Officers Ability to Ask Immigration Status AUDIO & VIDEO

In a brief interview today, Governor Perry told Mitch Carr and me on KRLD that what he wants is something between “sanctuary cities” and what Arizona is trying to do, which is  force officers to ask about immigration status. Tweet Share

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Fierce Immigration Debate Among Conservatives AUDIO

As President Obama traveled to Texas today to renew his push for immigration reform, some conservatives here disagreed strongly (with each other) on the issue. Tweet Share

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Obama’s New Push on Immigration AUDIO

Aside from ordering the assassination of the world’s most wanted terrorist, President Obama is pushing other big fish toward frying pans.  Bill Maher called him a “multitasking ninja,” but I’d prefer to think of the president in a kitchen where he’s the head chef ordering subordinate chefs around.  Tweet Share

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“How Dumb Are We?” Might Not be the Right Question

I saw this headline on the Newsweek website:   “How Dumb Are We?” That’s the kind of headline that gets your attention but it’s probably too weak.  Tweet Share

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