Immigration Activist Answers Accusations of Racism AUDIO

The immigration activist who upset a lot of people for suggesting there are too many Hispanics in the Texas Legislature took the time to answer her critics today. 

She told me that she shouldn’t have strayed from her notes because she meant to criticize “liberal Democrat Hispanic” legislators.  Listen:
Rebecca Forest Responds to Critics by Scott Braddock

Since we only had a few minutes on the radio, Forest also provided the written statement below:

If you have viewed other videos of my presentations you will note that I ALWAYS have my notebook in front of me to give prepared presentations.  I simply have too much information floating around in my head and it helps me to stay on track.  At the rally on 6/11/11 the PA system was giving very loud feedback so I had to step away from the podium and my notes.  Unfortunately, in my haste to get through my comments (on a very hot day), I inadvertently left out some important words when referencing the majority of our Hispanic legislators “liberal Democrat.”

Actually, I personally endorsed Rep. Larry Gonzales and also worked on a great video to help elect Congressman  Canseco.   If I had the opportunity to meet Garza and Aliseda before the election, I’m certain I would have endorsed them as well.

Sad to say, but I have been so accustomed to referencing in my presentations the “Hispanic Democrat Legislators” for my 7+ years of working on this issue that my CPU simply failed to remember the 4 new Republican Hispanic legislators while speaking that day.   Given my efforts to get conservatives elected over the years, I am delighted they were elected and hope we elect more.

There are many things I should have said differently that day but I’ve always hated it when politicians (in particular) try to cover their tails when they mess up by saying “I mis-spoke” though obviously — I did.”

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