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Stop Telling Me Latinos Are Important

When Americans see Texans on the national stage in 2012, they won’t be looking at the white faces of Gov. Perry or Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst. You might remember, the former was supposed to be president and the latter was supposed to be our next U.S. Senator. Tweet Share

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Romney Edges Ahead of Obama in Poll: VIDEO

I was glad to be invited on Fox 26 News at 9 in Houston to talk about the latest on the presidential race. Tweet Share

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Obama’s Swank Fund Raisers in Houston AUDIO

President Obama has some high-dollar fundraisers in Houston today, including a private party that costs nearly $40,000 for admission.  Tweet Share

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Heated Debate: Is Rush Limbaugh’s Apology Good Enough? AUDIO

Rush Limbaugh, the nation’s leading conservative radio talk show host, continues to lose advertisers even after an apology to a college student he called a “slut” and  “prostitute” last week.  Here’s the video of what he originally said about Sandra Fluke.  Tweet Share

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Must Read Texas. Seriously: You Must

An interesting new concept being pushed by my friends GOP Strategist Matt Mackowiak and Democratic Consultant Jason Stanford:  They want people all over Texas to pay more attention to what’s happening all over Texas. Tweet Share

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President Obama Flip-Flops on Super PAC Cash AUDIO

President Obama has upset some of his supporters by softening his position on how money will be spent on his behalf during his re-election bid this fall.  He’s thrown his support to a so-called Super PAC, which can raise and spend an unlimited amount of money as long as they don’t coordinate with his campaign.  Tweet […]

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When Does Governor Perry’s “Honeymoon” as Candidate End? AUDIO

Now that we know Governor Perry is for sure running for president, a revelation that followed my report that the campaign plane is apparently ready, I wondered how long it will be before Perry’s Republican rivals will start to really attack him. Tweet Share

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A Texan Rounding Up Votes for Speaker Boehner’s Debt Plan

House Republican Deputy Whip Kevin Brady, R-The Woodlands, took the time to chat with me this morning about the challenge of putting together enough votes to pass Speaker Boehner’s debt bill. Tweet Share

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Debt Debate: Butts Did Not Get in Line AUDIO

The debt debate takes a new turn now with a terrible setback for Republican Speaker John Boehner, who was unable to get enough members of his own party to go along with his plan for cutting spending, raising the debt ceiling, and ending the standoff in Washington.  Tweet Share

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Braddock TV: The Difference Between a Problem and a Crisis

I got a lot of reaction to this week’s segment on CBS 11 News.  Some of it was positive.  Some was negative.  I was talking about the fact that the Tea Party is driving the agenda in Washington right now when it comes to the debt ceiling debate and whether the United States will go […]

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