Tuesday Morning Reading: May the Best Ad Win

As we get closer to the May 29th primary, there are some really effective political ads and there are some that fall into the “questionable” category.  I’ll let you figure out which ones fall into which column.  Lt. Gov. Dewhurst has enlisted Gov. Perry for this one called “Proud”

Meantime, Ted Cruz has the endorsement of Sarah Palin, who made this robo-call on his behalf:

If those ads don’t wake you up this morning, this one should. It’s Railroad Commission Candidate Roland Sledge’s appeal to GOP primary voters, in which he uses the image of a politician peeing on an electric fence to make his point:

Longtime Democratic strategist Harold Cook is taking aim at an ad unveiled last week by State Rep. J.M. Lozano. Harold had a parody of the ad made because he thought it was ridiculous for Rep. Lozano to use his infant as a sounding board for how little he thinks of President Obama.  Hey Harold, at least he didn’t have anyone pee on a fence in the ad!

The UT-Texas Tribune Poll this morning focuses on the Railroad Commission contests and asks who GOP voters would support in the race for Lt. Gov in 2014.

The piece I wrote this past weekend about blue collar workers has opened up a new forum for me. The fine folks at a website called Construction Citizen took note, calling me an “advocate for blue collar workers.” I’m honored and have accepted their invitation to blog about workforce issues.

Other notes:

With just a week away from election day, the Statesman reports Central Texas has a shortage of poll workers.

The first commercial flight to the International Space Station is on its way.

The DMN leads with a preview of one of the fried foods I won’t travel to DFW to eat this fall at the State Fair of Texas. This year’s ridiculous deep-fried delicacy everyone will be buzzing about, apparently, will be Girl Scout’s Samoa Cookies.

The ACL lineup is out and, according to at least one of my Facebook friends, the lineup is “ssiiiiiick…I’ll be gettin’ tickets ASAP, playa!”  Translation: My friend is excited and plans to be in attendance.

Anything else I should mention here? Let me know.

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